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The MEI CASHFLOW 690’s high reliability and security contributes to its global success with over 500,000 units working around the world helping to increase your sales and maximise your profits.

The MEI CASHFLOW 690 was the first MEI changegiver to adapt to the change in currency to the Euro. The changegiver provides a quick and easy conversion at a touch of a button through its pre-programmed coin set, together with its patented clip-in, clip-out cassettes. 

Features and Benefits

  • Handles the majority of the world’s coinsets
  • DFX security for bi-colour coin recognition
  • Four interchangeable high capacity coin tubes
  • Available with serial and electromechanical interfaces
  • Capable of handling dual coinsets
  • Coinsets are upgradeable in the field without the need to drop coins
  • Compatible with the MEI’s range of depot and service tools