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5in1 eCash

CashFlow® 5in1 eCash

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MEI’s philosophy is that Vending is all about convenience and convenience includes enabling a consumer to make a purchase with whatever payment option they want -“Whatever they have in their wallet”.


With the new CashFlow® 5in1 eCash terminal, consumers will no longer walk away from your vending machine, increasing your sales ad helping you maximise the revenue from machines in high-traffic locations.


  • One product to accept 5 different types of transaction: notes, chip&pin and magstripe cards, contactless cards and NFC technology.
  • It fits in the standard bill validator’s slot and features a payment unit with easy to follow instructions, for convenient, fast and secure transactions.
  • Increase sales and site retention: more payment options means fewer lost purchases due to lack of cash
  • Defaults to the lowest cost transaction, giving the operators the possibility to minimise their costs and benefit from an increase of their bottom line.


Features and benefits


  • Compatible with existing payment systems
  • Compatible with vending management software
  • Data encryption for secure transaction
  • Flexible and secure communications network
  • EMV and PCI DSS certified
  • Visa and Mastercard certified